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Bringing you the most up-to-date insight and coverage of two central markets to the global Biofuels industry

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| Meet with an elite audience of influential business leaders from the European and Asia Biofuels supply chain

The Argus Biofuels Europe and Asia Markets - Virtual Conference will bring together key decision makers from across the European and Asian biofuels supply chains.

Attendees by business activity:

Oil companies


Waste collectors & Feed crushers

Traders & Brokers

Government & Regulators

Transport sector

Service providers

Project & Offset developers

Attendees by job title:

  • Head of Biofuels Trading
  • Trading Manager, Biofuels
  • VP Biofuels
  • Vice President
  • President
  • Director, Biofuels
  • Biofuels Strategy
  • Executive Director
  • Director, European Biofuels Strategy
  • CEO
  • Director, Business Development and Government Affairs
  • Renewable Fuels Manager
  • Managing Director
  • Senior Business Development Manager
  • SVP Global Markets
  • Senior Regulatory Counsel
  • Broker
  • Trading Manager
  • Senior Bioenergy Advisor
  • Director, Biorefining
  • Biofuels Broker
  • Senior Corporate Affairs Manager
  • COO
  • Sales Manager
  • Senior Associate
  • Trading Director
  • Head of Product Development
  • Trader, Renewable Fuels
  • Director of Business Development
  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Research
  • Policy Advisor Low Carbon Fuels

Companies that attend:

| Topics on the agenda at Argus Biofuels Europe and Asia Markets - Virtual Conference

Day 1: The big picture - Market opportunities and regulatory updates

Day 1 will cover the main opportunities for the biofuels market on the road to decarbonisation in Asia and Europe and delve into the recent Fit for 55 Regulatory package proposed in July by the European Commission and its implications for the Biofuels market.

Day 2: The future of feedstocks

Day 2 will seek to answer questions such as: what have we seen in the last year? What does the future look like for 1G and 2G feedstocks for both biodiesel and bio blends for gasoline? How to certify sustainable feedstocks? How do refiner’s see shifts in the market?

Day 3: The future of fuels: ethanol, HVO, SAF and beyond

Day 3 will take stock of exciting technology developments for HVO and take a look at key gasoline bio blending components. We will also be delving into the ground-breaking developments in SAF in both Europe and Asia.

| Testimonials from Argus Biofuels Live 2020

"Given the varying global restrictions on face-to-face connection this conference was an effective way to organize communities around biofuels to advance progress, align stakeholders, and stimulate new ideas."

Savage Services

"The Argus Biofuels Live Virtual Conference provided much needed insight during challenging times."

Community Fuels

"Interesting to learn the challenges others have implementing new fuels."

Valley Pacific Petroleum Service

"Thanks for organizing the great virtual conference."

SK eco prime ​

"Argus pivoted to this virtual conference very capably and created a platform that allowed attendees to connect and learn. The sessions were very good, and the interaction between attendees, and access to the speakers was excellent."

Advanced Biofuels Canada

"Well organized with quality presentations and a worldwide audience"

Malaysian Biodiesel Association

"Some very informative panel discussions with experts in their field."


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