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Providing key perspectives on critical regions’ developments and the opportunities these present.


The Argus Green Ammonia Live - Virtual Conference will provide key insights on the hottest topics in the development of the green ammonia market to date. The conference will provide an outlook on where the industry might be moving to within each of the fertilizer, marine fuel and power generation sectors, providing key perspectives on critical regions’ developments and the opportunities these present.

Argus’ positioning in the market at the cross-section of these sectors provides us with a unique opportunity to bring these markets together and forward the conversation on the rapidly evolving market for green ammonia and hydrogen, and their various end-use applications for decarbonising hard-to-abate industries.

Structured networking functions will bring you together with senior Green Ammonia industry executives for private 1:1 and group meetings. Innovative, digital sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities will help to elevate your brand and transform relationships with industry-wide game-changers.

| Conference overview


Gain insight into key green ammonia market developments and fertilizer industry leadership perspectives on a variety of key themes, from supply to demand-side questions.

Marine Fuels

Hear from global industry experts on a variety of topics covering regulation, finance, production and supply ­- all essential to ensure Power to X for shipping is achieved.

Power Generation

Key insights from industry leaders in key regions such as Japan and how their ammonia strategies will be implemented and what lessons can be learnt from them?

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Why attend the virtual conference?

48-hour virtual event

Join an exclusive multi-region virtual conference and interactive exhibition.

15+ hours of exclusive content

A limited number of speaking opportunities exist across 15+ hours of panels and presentations led by industry heavyweights.

10+ hours of private meetings a day

Host hours of meetings in the virtual environment via video or live chat.

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| Meet with an elite audience of influential business leaders from the green ammonia supply chain

The Argus Green Ammonia Live - Virtual Conference will bring together a global audience of decision makers from across the international Green Ammonia supply chains.

Attendees by business activity:

Ammonia plant owners/producers

Technology licensors

Electrolyser manufacturers

Transport and logistics

Government regulators & classification societies

Ship owners

Finance, legal & consulting



Attendees by job title:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • VP, Marketing and Sales
  • General Manager – Bunker Procurement
  • Head of Bunkers, Bunker Department
  • Global Head Sales and Marketing
  • Director – Environment and Sustainability
  • Vice President – Marine Fuel
  • Head of Business Development
  • Head of Research
  • Technical Manager
  • Head of Marine Fuels
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • General Manager - Business Development
  • General Manager - Innovation
  • Product Director
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Associate VP - Crop Nutrition
  • Chief Manager (Ammonia)
  • Director (Cooperative Development & Technology)
  • General Manager-Supply Chain Management
  • VP Supply Chain
  • Head of Operations
  • Chief General Manager (Technical)
  • Global Ammonia Technology Manager

Key companies from across the Argus Fertilizer, Power Generation and Marine Fuel events include:

| Event highlights

Topics on the agenda at Argus Green Ammonia Live - Virtual Conference

Agenda topics will be tailored for the Americas, European and APAC time zones.

Keynote Panel: Building a Green Ammonia Market fit for supporting the Energy Transition 

Hear from industry leaders across the fertilizer, power and bunker fuel markets discussing the current state of the green ammonia supply chain, the sectors that will ultimately drive the growth of green ammonia and where cross-sector growth opportunities lie.

Creating a level playing field using regulatory frameworks 

All markets require suitable regulation to ensure fairness and opportunity, this session will provide an overview of key regional developments in the creation of regulatory frameworks to help shape the green ammonia market, namely in APAC and Europe. We will ask the very important of what now and how will pathways for market development be created?  

Electrolyser scalability and speed of technology advancements: At what rate can electrolyser capacity be scaled up and costs driven down? 

Part of the crux in unlocking the current cost curve for green ammonia will be to improve the scale at which electrolysis can be done to increase capacity of green hydrogen production. All these questions and more to be discussed by those advancing the technology and working on solutions for the market.  

Blue ammonia’s role in the transition towards green ammonia in a hydrogen economy 

Covering the idea that blue ammonia may have a place as a bridge between existing grey ammonia and the future of a green ammonia market. Key questions will include is the shift to green inevitable? Will the carbon credentials of blue ammonia incentivise people to use ammonia as a fuel?  

Market synergies for ammonia supply? Potential future interactions between the fuel, power and fertilizer sectors

Hear from industry experts on how green ammonia may serve as an energy carrier for connecting supply and demand for hydrogen. Related question to focus on whether the traditional hold of the ammonia market will remain in the fertilizer industry or expand beyond that to fuel and power.  

Green Ammonia as Part of a Matrix solution for the Future of Marine Fuels 

Gain insight from experts in the maritime industry on how they view need for standards in the market, and how the IMO may be supporting this move. In addition to tackling the need to create an attractively price solution for the maritime industry and how location will be central to plans for expanding green ammonia potential in this space.  

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