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Insights from leading industry figures – what are their strategies in navigating the rapidly changing world of carbon markets?

Mr Hans Bergman, Head of Unit, ETS Policy Development and Auctioning,


Ellen De Vocht, Political and Regulatory Affairs Officer, European Energy Exchange (EEX)

Adam Berman, Director, European Policy, IETA 

Guido Pasternack, Senior Policy Advisor, Uniper  

Bo Qin, Senior Analyst, European Carbon Research Team, Bloomberg  

Louis Redshaw, Trader, Redshaw Advisors  

Samuel Norton, Senior Carbon Trading Analyst, Vattenfall Energy Trading  

Brigitta Huckestein, Senior Manager Energy and Climate Policy, BASF 

Martin Dorsman, Secretary General, ECSA 

Antoine Diemert, Programme Director, ICROA 

Nicolas Girod, Managing Director for Markets, ClearBlue Markets 

Renat Heuberger, CEO, South Pole 

Owen Hewlett, Chief Technical Officer, Gold Standard Foundation 

Stephen Donofrio, Programme Director, Ecosystem Marketplace Initiatives, Forest Trends Association 

Sascha Lafeld, Head of Carbon Offsetting and Green Energy Services, Climate Partner  

Michael Pahle, Head of Climate and Energy Working Group, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research 

Paul Sammon, Director, Edelman Advisory  

Cillian O’Donoghue, Director, Energy and Climate Change, Eurometaux

Andrei Marcu, Executive Director, ERCST 

Michael Mehling, Deputy Director, Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Oliver Sartor, Senior Advisor of Industrial Policy, Agora Energiwende 

Nicolas Jensen, Senior Policy Advisor, Eurogas 

Mike Taylor, President, Emissions Advisory 

Michael Ball, Editor, Argus

Lina Li, Senior Manager, adelphi 

Tim Atkinson, Director Sales and Carbon Trading, CF Partners 

Trevor Sikorski, Head of Natural Gas, Coal and Carbon Research, Energy Aspects 

Vicky Hatherick, Deputy Editor, European Emissions, Argus 

Lawson Steele, Senior Utility Analyst, Berenberg 

Stefano De Clara, Director of International Policy, IETA 

Hans-Christian Henne, Senior Manager Corporate Energy and Climate Affairs, Aurubis AG 

Jessica Dell, US West Coast Bureau Chief, Argus

Dirk Forrister, CEO, IETA

Hugh Salway, Head of Environmental Markets, Gold Standard Foundation

Milka Mumovic, Electricity and Statistics Expert, Energy Community Secretariat

Christopher Kardish, Carbon Markets Advisor, International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP)

Justin Colley, Editor, Argus

Vicky Hatherick, Deputy Editor, European Emissions, Argus

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