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The Argus US Cholor-Alkali Summit is your platform to reach all your clients in one place and connect with new business partners. Utilize this premium opportunity to generate more business.

| Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at the Argus US Chlor-Alkali Summit

Thought-leadership positions

Put yourself at the forefront of the America’s chlor-alkali sector. You can showcase your track record by delivering your expertise, exhibiting your products and services, and generate important new contacts.

Chemical cocktail reception

Give the caustic soda and chlorine industries a night to remember in New Orleans. A cocktail mixology masterclass, a night of high-end jazz and other creative networking opportunities

Multi-touch promotion

Reach an even wider audience of industry professionals through your presence on our conference websites, social media channels and marketing campaigns.

Industry gifts

Give a keepsake to the audience to remember you after the conference. We will help you pick and customize a memorable gift for your clients.

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