| Meet the speakers

Insights from leading industry figures

Suzanne Malden, Global Commodity Leader, Bose

Melvin Hill, Business Manager, Rare Earths, GE Chaplin

William Summers, General Engineer, US Department of Energy

Kevin Jones, Stockpile Program Engagement Liaison, Defense Logistics Agency

Leyi Zhu, Research Engineer, Ford Motor

Patrick Eduafo, Senior Process Engineer, Intel

Kenny Leung, Senior Sales Manager, Fujian Changting Golden Dragon Rare-Earth

Jason Nie, Material Engineer, Defense Logistics Agency

Pol Le-Roux, Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Lynas

Toyomoto Satoru, General Manager, Japan Oil and Gas Mining Exploration Company(JOGMEC)

James Litinsky, Co-Chairman, MP Materials

Scott Tubbs, Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Quadrant Magnetics

Donna Vareha-Walsh, Director — Metals Business Unit, Indium

Mary Anne Alvin, Technology Manager, National Energy Technology

Jon Blumenthal, President and Chief Executive, Blue Line

Thomas Lograsso, Deputy Director, Critical Materials Institute

Chris Ras, Director of Technology, Dexter Magnetic Technologies

Vaibhav Jain, Materials Engineer, Defense Logistics Agency

Chris Hall, Commercial Director, Less Common Metals

Clint Cox, President, The Anchor House

David Brooks, Senior Vice-President, Metals, Argus

Robert Wolf, Vice-President Sales, Alliance

Jack Lifton, Founding Principal, Technology Metals Research

Nicole Willing, Editor, Argus Metals International, Argus

Mark Seddon, Senior Manager (Metals), Consulting Services, Argus