Stage Three: Control

The best-negotiated deal can succumb to operational blindspots. Rely on a leader in energy and commodities pricing and analysis for crucial market guidance to keep on track, and maximize profit.

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When it comes to oil and gas, your customers and suppliers may know your business better than you do. Make sure they don’t.


The devil is in the details: get buy-in from stakeholders and employees who need a clear plan in a volatile market.

Asset fit

Provide true alpha returns by level-setting your asset’s performance against your portfolio.

Argus Solutions

Consensus pricing mechanisms

Commodity prices, forward curves and short- and long-term market outlooks

Commodity market news and analysis and competitive landscape studies


Argus prices provide consensus mechanism


Rely on Argus annuals and outlooks

Budget using Argus pricing and forward curves

Asset fit

Operational context through Argus news, analysis Competitive landscape studies from Argus consulting