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Providing key insights into cross sector and regional project developments and other opportunities for expansion in the green ammonia space

The Argus Green Ammonia Virtual Conference returns this December in our new virtual environment, following a successful launch event in March 2021 with over 340 delegates from 165 companies and 41 countries

Join Argus and its Founding Partners for this industry leading Green Ammonia conference to gain insight into the latest cross sector and regional developments in the green ammonia space from senior leaders across the globe.

Argus’ positioning in the market at the cross-section of these sectors provides us with a unique opportunity to bring these markets together and forward the conversation on the rapidly evolving market for green ammonia and hydrogen, and their various end-use applications for decarbonising hard-to-abate industries.

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72-hour virtual event

Join an exclusive multi-region virtual conference and interactive exhibition

18+ hours of exclusive content

A limited number of speaking opportunities exist across 18+ hours of panels and presentations led by industry heavyweights.

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Host hours of meetings in the virtual environment via video or live chat.

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| The meeting place for the international Green Ammonia market

Meet with an elite audience of influential business leaders from the green ammonia supply chain

Attendees by business activity

Ammonia plant owners/producers

Technology licensors


Transport and logistics

Government regulators & classification societies

Ship owners

Finance, legal & consulting

Developers/ infrastructure


Attendees by job title:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • VP, Marketing and Sales
  • General Manager – Bunker Procurement
  • Head of Bunkers, Bunker Department
  • Global Head Sales and Marketing
  • Director – Environment and Sustainability
  • Vice President – Marine Fuel
  • Head of Business Development
  • Head of Research
  • Technical Manager
  • Head of Marine Fuels
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • General Manager - Business Development

  • General Manager - Innovation
  • Product Director
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Associate VP - Crop Nutrition
  • Chief Manager (Ammonia)
  • Director (Cooperative Development & Technology)
  • General Manager-Supply Chain Management
  • VP Supply Chain
  • Head of Operations
  • Chief General Manager (Technical)
  • Global Ammonia Technology Manager

Key companies from the previous Argus Green Ammonia – Virtual Conference

| Topics on the agenda at Argus Green Ammonia - Virtual Conference

Agenda topics will be tailored for the Americas, European and APAC time zones.

Key discussions:

Keynote Panel: The strategic value and importance of green ammonia to decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors globally

Join true pioneers in the green ammonia space from the European Commission, Clean Fuel Ammonia Association and Yara International who will discuss the following: How will large scale production and commercialisation be achieved? IOCs of the future: How are ammonia producers becoming placed to support the green energy transition beyond the fertilizer sector? How will hard-to-abate sectors approach the adoption of hydrogen and green ammonia in the move to zero carbon fuels?

The role for ammonia as a carrier for hydrogen: opportunities within and alternatives to achieve decarbonisation across hard-to-abate sectors

Gain insight from key experts on how large-scale ammonia cracking may help kick-start widespread use of hydrogen as a fuel in the energy transition, as well as exploring alternative hydrogen carriers to ammonia.

State of the market: what are the key building blocks for a successful green ammonia market?

An Argus view: how will pricing mechanisms for green ammonia be developed? What does the current market look like? Will fuel ammonia and fertilizer ammonia prices be very different? Who will develop contractual mechanisms? Hear from Argus experts Ruth Sharpe and Andrea Valentini on all things trade flows, infrastructure and industry players in the present and the future.

Green ammonia as a marine fuel: the only realistic alternative for the maritime industry?

How to evaluate transition pathways for marine fuels? How is green ammonia emerging as a solution for low carbon fuels for the maritime industry? What are the key hurdles to consider – regulation? engine technology? Fuel supply? How is methanol setting up to play a role in bunkering? Will LNG lessons make ammonia adoption quicker? How will the matrix of fuels used come together? Hear from Yara International, Lloyd’s Register and NYK Line on how they view the market and its development.

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"An extremely well-structured conference with keynote speakers of various background and from leading global companies."


"It was a great experience to have participated in the conference on green ammonia challenges"

Proton Ventures BV

"Amazing speakers, indepth conversations, and great insights. The place to be for expert discussions."


"Excellent content and speakers, many new contacts and insights "


"Excellent speakers and great insightful discussions and content"

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

"The Argus Green Ammonia event was professionally run from start to finish. The topics were relevant and the sessions very informative. Excellent networking and interactive sessions encouraged sharing and exchange about the state of the world-wide green ammonia development and ecosystem."


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