Argus Sulphur

Daily price assessments: Make better decisions with more datapoints throughout the week

Price action captured earlier with daily assessment

  • The two blue lines indicate the spread of the weekly China ex-works price (the 6 weekly prices over this period are marked in orange), with the grey and black lines showing the high and low of the daily ex-works price
  • While the price trend is the same over this time period, the daily price adds more reactive datapoints throughout the week, showing daily trading activity in a timely way
  • Market news and fresh trades are reflected prior to the weekly assessment, providing an advance signal of new developments

Argus Sulphur price reporting service

The Argus Sulphur price reporting service provides accurate and reliable daily and weekly price assessments, news, market commentary and key current data direct from our expert global editorial team.

Access to the industry leading Argus Direct delivery platform is included: Track key prices, set up customizable charts and news alerts, download key data and more.

Key features

  • Key price indicators for major exporting and importing regions, with 13 price assessments and 12 spot assessments
  • Regular news, commentary and analysis from our teams based in all regions across the world
  • Forward-looking analysis including a 30 to 60-day outlook
  • Summary of key deals for the week
  • Updates on production rates and plant shutdowns
  • Sulphur freight trends
  • Market-appropriate methodology
  • Key export and import data, and analysis of stock levels in key markets
  • Extensive use of graphics, maps and visuals to help digest key information
  • Downloadable proprietary datasets covering latest line ups for key export and import regions