The RINs market

and what it means for you

The RINs market and what it means for you

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What is a RIN?

A numeric code created and assigned by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to each gallon of renewable fuel produced or imported. The EPA created RINs to ensure the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) is met.

A RIN is created when an EPA-registered renewable fuel producer produces renewable fuel in accordance with the criteria of the pathway under which the producer registered. All renewable fuel producers must be registered with the EPA, including foreign renewable fuel producers. The type of RIN a renewable fuel producer can generate is included in its approved pathway as a “D-code” and each fuel type has a distinct D-code. Each type of renewable fuel has an equivalence value (EV) which represents a given fuel’s renewable and energy content relative to ethanol. The table adjacent shows several different types of renewable fuels and their respective D-codes and equivalence values.

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Obligated parties

RINs have a 2-year lifespan

RINs are tradeable