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A unique line-up of expert industry figureheads – what are their strategies in navigating the rapidly changing world of emissions?

Speakers include:

Danan Dou, Manager, Advanced Technology and Innovation, John Deere

David Montgomery, Senior Engineering Specialist - New Technology Introduction, Natural Gas and Dual-Fuel Engines, Caterpillar

Coralie Cooper, Deputy Director, NESCAUM

Alan Smith, Vice President – DEF, Brenntag

Elizabeth John, Advanced Fuels & Vehicle Technologies Office Manager, California Energy Commission

William Robertson ,

Vehicle Program Specialist,

California Air Resources Board

Jim Timmer ,

Vice President, DEF Product Management,

Mansfield Oil Company

Ben Sharpe ,

Senior Researcher and Canada Lead,

International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT)

Rahul Mital ,

Technical Fellow,

General Motors

Jeffrey Harmening, Manager - EOLCS/DEF/MOM, American Petroleum Institute

Dustin Burnette, DEF Supply, Analytics and Distribution Manager, Pilot Flying J

Fabricio Cardoso

Chris Walters, Manager, Global Regulatory Affairs, CNH Industrial

Dmitri Konson,

Vice President Engineering,

Tenneco Clean Air

Larry Fromm,

Executive Vice President, Business Development,

Achates Power

Steve Tam, Vice President, ACT Research

Cary Henry, Assistant Director, Powertrain Engineering, Southwest Research Institute

Alan Smith, Vice President – DEF, Brenntag

Neil Burge, Global Customer Engineering Director, Faurecia

Kevin Leong,

Deputy Director of Validation & Assessment,


Michael Geller, Deputy Director, Manufacturers of Emissions Controls Association

Haden Gulsby, Business Development Manager of Oil Products, Argus

Lucien Robroek, President and Chief Executive, Nuvera Fuel Cells

Gus Block, Director of Corporate Development, Nuvera

Sophie Manson, Senior Analyst, Argus

Laura Ricart, Product Manager - Future Technologies, Navistar

Geoff Bohlender, Director of DEF and S-CORE Solutions, PPC Lubricants

Dan Kieffer, Director of emissions compliance, PACCAR Inc

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